A Note to Kids

You’ll scream and laugh and wince—this book scores a 10 on the gross-out scale! Your parents will just scream at how incredibly inappropriate this book is for your tender young mind.

That’s OK. This book isn’t for them!

A Note to Parents

Perhaps you were wondering if what you heard is true—that this book contains shocking scenes of violence and mayhem. Please don’t wonder about that at all. Because it so totally does!

I mean, Bud the Spud has enough horrible, gruesome, over-the-top stuff in it that Dr. Frankenstein might suggest you should find another book. But don’t worry about it—that’s just adult talk! Kids look at things differently. They find it amusing. Silly. Ghastly. And horrifically hilarious. Seriously.

And serious it is. It’s a tool to help your kids—and you—see that aspiring to be a couch potato is no aspiration at all. Bud the Spud makes that clear. And in a time of rampant childhood obesity, that’s an important thing.

This book makes a difference. Really.

And if you’re still concerned, perhaps it might help if you heard what other concerned parents and some teachers are saying about the book on our Reviews page.