Adam Byrn Tritt, MEd, CH, LMT, is an internationally bestselling author, a poet, essayist, screenwriter, teacher, social activist, and humorist. In addition to Bud the Spud, Tritt is the author of The Phoenix and the Dragon: Poems of the Alchemical Trans­form­ation, a collection of his poetry, as well as several works of nonfiction including the bestselling Tellstones, Runic Divination in the Welsh Tradition.

Adam won the 2006 EPPIE Award for Poetry in an Anthology. In 1995 he was awarded an honorary doctorate for his work in religious tolerance and for the creation of TurningPoint, a nonprofit program providing alternative medicine to low-income individuals. He continues that passion today in the healthcare clinic he and his wife, Lee, dreamed of and created together—the Wellness Center.

He is equally at home speaking in lecture halls, giving public readings in bookstores, and visiting elementary school classrooms, where he can be found surrounded by children begging him to read Bud the Spud just one more time (while their parents and teachers beg him to stop).

Adam lives and writes—often simultaneously—in Palm Bay, Florida, with his son, daughter-in-law, and granddaughter; a dingo; and a ridiculously large alligator, all under a very big tree. His website is

John Goldacker, known far and wide as “Java John,” is a graphic artist, illustrator, and photographer based in Merritt Island, Florida. A designer of music-related posters, CD covers, festival posters, and t-shirts, John also illustrated River Dragon, a children’s book about legendary Brevard County landmark Annie the Dragon. He has also been featured inPhotoshop Creative magazine, and has had his posters reproduced in the 2009 booksPhanArt: The Art of Phish Phans and HOPE: A Collection of Obama Posters and Prints.

In 2008 and 2009, John was one of thirty-five artists selected to be a part of Gibson’s GuitarTown Orlando and GuitarTown Miami, having painted original artwork on two ten-foot-tall Gibson guitar replicas. The guitars were donated by the artists and then auctioned, raising $400,000 for local charities. In December 2009, Brevard County Beachside Resident magazine ran a three-page article on Goldacker, and had him design a holiday-themed cover featuring Bob Dylan.

John’s photos from various music concerts over the past two years permanently grace the hallways of the King Center for the Performing Arts in Melbourne, Florida, and his photography was used on the cover of Freebo’s newest CD Something to Believe. His website is